What We Do

Holiday PromOnline is a digital marketing and website solutions provider specialising in the holiday property rental industry.

Holiday PromOnline can create an individual holiday property owner’s website. Owners may select from several design options and add additional content to make their mobile optimized website attractive and engaging.

The integration allows a property owner to update their listing and have the changes automatically reflected on their MyHolidayHome website.

Holiday property is a niche in the real estate market dealing with residences used for holiday vacations. This type of property is usually termed a holiday home, or second home.

A second home or holiday home can provide an additional income to its owner by renting it. Many vacationers are opting for a single family residence that they can rent on a nightly or weekly basis. In many cases the savings for them are significant compared to hotels or vacation packages. For owners it can be as rewarding as paying the mortgage.

This holiday type properties have become popular. More and more people realize they can benefit from this type of business. Home owners rent their existing holiday properties or they build one for renting it. This business of renting a vacation property is not however that simple. It requires a lot of effort, work and skills. The home owners most often cannot find the necessary time, energy and money for handling all this. Holiday PromOnline aims at responding to this niche in the real estate market.

Holiday promOnline covers four main topics:

==>  website design

==>  hosting and maintenance

==>  holiday rental marketing

==>  management of online bookings

The four topics are offered separately in our customer-based packages. Holiday PromOnline offers also a full package including all four topics.

In a new web design project, web designers normally take the time to understand their customers’ business needs.

Their goal is to make their customers’ website an effective tool for their business and to help them create success online.We in Holiday PromOnline take your business seriously and thrive to respond to your specific needs and expectations. The main difference from all other web designers is that we do know:

-   your holiday home rental business,
-   your objectives and-   your needs to help you have success online.

We in Holiday PromOnline understand that you need to design a website for business and not for fun.There is no point in the even most creative design, if you won't attract enquiries for bookings thus make money from your website.

So we in our website design put emphasis not only on how a website looks, but also on how it works and how well it performs your specific business objectives as a holiday home owner renting your house and expecting to get income from it.

Hosting is providing space for your website to make it visible on the internet. Your site is then put on a server. Thanks to our fast servers we can offer you excellent hosting services with both shared and dedicated hosting among the options.

With shared hosting you share a server with a number of other sites with the capacity of the server also being shared. If, however, you require an exclusive server for your site you can opt for dedicated hosting. Holiday PromOnline will be pleased to guide you to the best solution for your site.

Our servers also meet all security standards as assured by our ISO label. So if you are looking for secure hosting you have found the right place at Holiday PromOnline. A professional service, high quality and fast hosting and an enthusiastic team of employees guarantee your website custom-made.

We apply a fully-fledged marketing programme. Our team:

1. carries out the website’s search engine optimisation
Once a website is designed and published, it is thrown within the big forest of internet where nobody can find. Search Engine Optimisation is the first "must do" task to be accomplished.

2. develops video tours that integrates in the website

3. designs logo of the website/company/villa (included in the web design, but we should keep in mind that the logo is part of the marketing)

4. creates a brochure for the villa rental

5. elaborates rental marketing plans

6. social marketing

7. Aggressive marketing campaigns

8. Google adwords assistance

If the owner does not wish to have this burden of receiving all booking enquiries, responding, handling, managing, we take in charge this task.Our professional experience facilitates the contact with your customers. We warrant better results in terms of bookings, which increase your income and profits. We request in exchange a small fixed fee to cover our administrative costs and a variable fee of 2% on every booking to show you that we will perform on the basis of your interests, i.e. maximizing your bookings, whereas your cost will remain the lowest possible.