Bold & Beautiful

Bold & Beautiful
Around the web, there are many examples of designers who have brightly used various elements in web design projects to make the site really go off. Sometimes, we see designers opting for more minimal designs, using bold splashes of color that can really take the look to fantastic new heights in very simple ways. Use of bright, bold colors can often be risky though, as the colors may end up visually overwhelming or even downright itchy.
So it has to be done with care.The design of our sites strikes that balance nicely. From headers to backgrounds to calls to action and beyond, the bold and beautiful web design we offer is sure to inspire you to find interesting ways to exert this powerful element in your holiday home rental site.
Each site incorporates different quality elements which put together offer the bold and beautiful. A non-exhaustive list of such elements are:• a wonderfully fanciful website design with bold and warm background colors or images from your holiday home. They help visually lead the users down the page.

• a nice soft background with bold, royal purple elements that stand out beautifully against it.

• use of bright colorful elements to really set off the clean, sharp design.

• a simple illustrated design, where the multitude of earth tones give the site a wonderful natural feel.

• a design overrun with exciting layers of colors all over the site in a complementary and visually pleasing manner.

• a minimal website design and a background that really burst with the splashes of color that are added in around the content area.

• use of a large burst of colors in the site header

• creating a welcoming feel and a sense of reliability.

• an elegant look created with a warm background that allows the colorful
holiday home rental site to shine.

• navigable menu elements that provide the subtle design that really work well to capture the user’s eyes to your holiday home.